Thank You’s

Here is a sampling of heartfelt and unsolicited “thank you’s” received from couples I have joined in marriage over the years!
“Theresa, we just wanted to thank you for the beautiful ceremony yesterday. Our guests RAVED about you the entire night! 🙂 We feel very lucky to have found you and appreciate everything so much. It has been such a pleasure!”
Alexandra and David Married on 6/1/19

“We can’t thank you enough for officiating our wedding! You made us both feel so comfortable and we appreciate your humor :). I feel you really got to know us and made our ceremony absolutely perfect! Many of the guests commented on how wonderful you are as well! . . . We’re so happy we got to work with you! I can’t imagine anyone else doing our ceremony, and thanks again for everything!”
Kaitlin and Carl Married on 3/9/19

“Thank you for opening the door this next, amazing chapter for use with our marriage!
You made our day truly special and we’ve enjoyed reading our ceremony book!”
Morgan and Dan Married on 5/18/18

“Thank you for all you have done during the planning process, including the rehearsal and the wedding itself! We heard nothing but wonderful things regarding the ceremony and how lovely you were from our guests. I think that what we appreciated the most was that you weren’t just reading from the page, but speaking from your heart. You were able to make it more interesting not only for us, but for our guests. You put so much thought into every line and verse, and it showed! We really appreciate how special the ceremony was–it really did feel like it was tailored just for us. We will never forget it.”
Tammy and Chris Married on 9/16/17

“We wanted to reach out and say thank you so much for officiating our wedding at Riverdale Manor. The ceremony was perfect and you received rave reviews from many of our friends and family! A lot of them said that is was one of the best ceremonies they had ever been to, and I know a huge reason for that was having a warm, quick-witted reverend! We loved every minute.”
Brian and Kerrie Married on 12/3/16

“Rev. Theresa, thank you so much for walking through this journey with us and providing us with sound advice and guidance. We appreciate you taking the time to get to know us over the last year and helping us find all the right words to say to make our ceremony special. We feel very blessed to have you as part of our big day.”
Tyler and Heather Married on 11/5/16

“I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful ceremony and a wedding that you helped to make possible for us. You made the process so easy and manageable and were there to patiently answer my questions. We couldn’t have asked for anyone better to be our officiant. We love the commemorative copy of our ceremony you provided to us! There are no words to express just how thankful we are!”
Michael and Sarah Married on 9/25/16

“Theresa, thank you so much for everything you did to help make our wedding day perfect!

Kyle and I couldn’t have imagined anyone doing a more perfect job!

Everyone kept complimenting us on what a fantastic job you did!

We would definitely recommend you!”

Kyle and Amanda - Married 7/8/16

Kyle and Amanda - Married 7-8-2016

Kyle and Amanda

Adam and Adrienne, Married 6-4-2016

Adam and Adrienne

“Thank you so much for being such a special part of our wedding day. We truly enjoyed working with you and couldn’t be happier with the ceremony you helped us put together. Although we had only met once before the ceremony, the way you conducted our ceremony made us feel as if we’d known you much longer–all of our guests felt the same way! Thank you again for making our day so special for us.”
Adam and Adrienne - Married 6/4/16

“One of the common items of feedback we heard throughout the night was how great our officiant was –we couldn’t agree more! We both feel so lucky to have gotten the chance to work with you. As soon as we met as Starbucks, and we felt your warm spirit, we knew we had chosen the right person to marry us. You will forever live in our memories of our favorite day. You are a complete gem—thank you again!”

Chuck and Megan – Married 12/12/15

“Theresa, thank you so much for officiating our wedding in October. Not only was the ceremony amazing, but you went completely above and beyond for us to make sure we had the best day possible! I can’t tell you how much we appreciated your flexibility—especially with the stress of a looming hurricane! Every detail of our ceremony was perfect and exactly what we had in mind.”

Jordy and Jeannine – Married 10/2/15

“Theresa, a big “thank you” for the beautiful officiating of our wedding. It was so amazing, real, and we both could really feel you were connecting in our hearts. We are so blessed and thankful!”

Tom and Angela – Married 10/3/15

“Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did! You made Kevin and I feel so comfortable with you, and you made our ceremony beautiful and memorable. We have some family who are extremely religious and some who are not, but everyone was raving about you! I am so thankful for the beautiful copy of our ceremony—thank you to you!”

Kevin and Jessica – Married 9/4/15

“We must thank you for making our day as special as you did. The ceremony was everything we wanted it to be—it was magical! Your presence and spark made it truly incredible and memorable! We received so many comments about the ceremony—they thought you were fantastic!”

Steve and Kathie – Married 6/27/15

“We just wanted to thank you for your fantastic ceremony service on Friday! We had several people tell us how much they enjoyed you and how wonderful of a job you did. We agree! It was a great ceremony, and speaking on behalf of both of us, we felt very comfortable with you!

You made it very special for us and we couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you for being a part of our special day!”

Lori and Joey – Married 10/24/14

“Thank you so much for being a part of our special day. We feel lucky to have met you along our journey and appreciate all your guidance. Your calm approach and open-minded planning helped us create a wedding ceremony we will never forget. Thank you very much!”

Debra and Charles – Married 6/21/14

Eric and Sonya – Married 5/9/14

Eric and Sonya

“Thank you for being a part of our special day!

We feel so blessed to have met you and couldn’t be more thankful to have had such a beautiful person, inside and out, wed us!

It meant the world—thank you!”

Eric and Sonya – Married 5/9/14

You helped make our day so special. Your warmth, kindness, love and
humor was exactly the energy we needed on our wedding day!

Your willingness to create a customize wedding ceremony to meet our wishes
was amazing and will always remember the words you spoke- especially
during the hard times that might come in the future.

Thank you for helping us start off our marriage with so much love!

Karen and Nat - Married 11/16/2013

Karen and Nat

Karen and Nat

“Theresa, we can’t thank you enough for officiating our wedding!  We were so happy with the ceremony and how everything turned out!  We had tons of people come up to us telling us what an amazing ceremony we had—we gave all of the credit to you!  Thank you so much again!”
Ken and Jennifer – Married 6/15/13

Megan and Steven

Megan and Steven

“Thank you so much for being our officiant!  It turned out perfect!

We had so many compliments on how personalized the ceremony was and how it was the most heartfelt ceremony they had ever heart.  It was amazing!

Thanks for all your help over the past year—you were always so kind and bring a sense of peace and calmness to chaos!

Thank you again!”

Steven and Megan – Married 6/8/13

“We want to sincerely express our gratitude to you for not only your services at our wedding, but also for everything leading up to our big day!

You were nothing short of amazing!  We were truly blessed to have the opportunity to get to know you and work with you.

You made the entire experience extra special, and we cannot thank you enough!”

Colin and Sarah – Married 4/20/12

Sarah and Colin

Sarah and Colin

“We cannot even begin to thank you enough for all you have done for us during our wedding planning process. We never dreamed that we would be able to customize a ceremony so specific to our personalities, and we could not be happier with the final result! We could not have chosen a more amazing officiant to facilitate our ceremony and are so blessed to have you on our special day!”
Wesley and Lisa - Married 11/17/12

Josh and Emily

Josh and Emily

“Josh and I want to thank you so much for the beautiful ceremony you officiated for us. We were so pleased with our vows and you were spectacular! You did an incredible job managing our 20+ wedding party as well!”
Josh and Emily - Married 9/1/12

“Thank you for the beautiful service that you performed on our wedding day. It was personal, it was moving and it was just very “us.” Many people complimented the ceremony and also enjoyed speaking with you. We are so grateful for your speaking gift, and perhaps in the future, we will meet again!”
Michael and Laura - Married 6/16/12

“…You were a beacon of composure when I needed it most. You were wonderful at making the whole proceeding run seamlessly, while adding that touch of fun and lightheartedness that we wanted our union to have. It is no surprise that we received, and continue to receive, many compliments on how enjoyable you were. From the moment of first consulting with you on the phone, to the day of the wedding, you promptly provided everything we needed and then some! I love how versatile your ceremony selections were-we had a great time piecing together our perfect ceremony from your many beautiful options. I think any couple who chooses you for their wedding will be so glad they did.”
Greg and Jamie - Married 9/17/11

“Thank you so much for giving us an unforgettable wedding! You were so helpful and friendly throughout the whole planning process and we couldn’t have imagined having anyone but you as our officiant. We had so many compliments from our family and friends about how beautiful our ceremony was and we owe it to you! Thank you so much for everything-you made our wedding so great!”
Tom and Rachel - Married on 5/14/11

“Theresa, now that the dust has settled a bit, I wanted to drop you a line to thank you again for our beautiful ceremony. You did such an amazing job and how great you were definitely went very far in keeping my nerves settled! I also promised the guests I would pass their compliments on to you, as everyone was raving on how beautiful it was! So thank you again for being a part of our day and making it as memorable as it was. Warmest, warmest regards to you!”
Mike and Kate - Married on 5/22/11

Matt and Kandi

Matt and Kandi

“Wow, I don’t have the words to say Theresa!

You were amazing and the ceremony was BEAUTIFUL!! Everyone loved you and commented on how wonderful the ceremony was!!

Everything was just beautiful, and you were right—once I got up there with Matt I was fine. You made me so comfortable and relaxed!

You’re the best!!”

Matt and Kandi - Married on 5/21/11

“I just wanted to write and say THANK YOU!!! Without your help and guidance, I don’t know what we ever would have done. We are not overly religious people, but both Matt and I are sure we were meant to find you. All of your help and the fact that we felt that you genuinely cared meant a lot to us. If any of our friends ever need a recommendation, I will make sure that you are the first person they call . . . . We really, really can’t thank you enough!!!!”
Matt and Nicole - Married on 5/9/11

“Thank you so much for helping us have a beautiful wedding ceremony. You provided us with all the right words to express our love for each other and all our friends and family in the best way. We received many compliments on how nice the ceremony was, especially the Hands Ceremony, which we really loved as well. You will always be remembered as a part of our special day! Thanks!”
Matthew and Meredith - Married on 1/29/11

“Thank you so much for sharing one of the happiest days of our lives together! We are truly blessed to have had you join us as husband and wife. We’re so glad you came into our lives and you are a wonderful person!”
Heather and David - Married on 11/24/10

“Thank you for being the fairy “God” mother in our storybook romance.

We and our families were so honored to have you in our lives.

Our ceremony was precious and beautiful and just as we have created a space in our home for roses, we have a space in our hearts for you!

We wish you a fairytale life! Thank you!”

Sean and Jamie - Married on 10/16/10

Jamie and Sean

Jamie and Sean

“Where to start … You made our wedding day! You far exceeded our expectations and for that we will forever be grateful. Your idea for the Sand Ceremony turned out just awesome and gave us quite the keepsake we will always cherish. You were so gentle, easygoing and enjoyable and so professional. We are thankful to have found you and would recommend you to anyone.”
Joe and Kelli - Married on 5/8/10

“Thank you so much for officiating our wedding. Our ceremony was absolutely beautiful. We couldn’t have imagined anything better. We received many compliments from our families and friends regarding how wonderful you and the ceremony were. We highly agree! It was such a pleasure meeting you and working with you.”
Brandon and Jessica - Married 10/11/09

“We want to thank you for marrying us, for creating a beautiful ceremony and for the wonderful note you sent. The wedding ceremony was a huge hit! The Hands Ceremony is such a wonderful touch, and I think it should be a part of more wedding ceremonies–everyone asked where you found it and to reread it! Thanks so much!”
Jason and Amy - Married 9/19/09

“We would like to send our heartfelt gratitude for a truly amazing wedding ceremony. Your beautiful words fit so well for us. We were so blessed to be married by you. Your kind spirit was evident from the moment we met you. Thank you so much!”
Jason and Jessica - Married 9/5/09

“Thank you so much for being our wedding officiant! I can’t tell you how many compliments we received regarding your calming presence and beautiful delivery of our wedding ceremony! We feel like our day was absolutely perfect, so thank you so much for helping create that perfect atmosphere and helping us to craft the perfect ceremony to celebrate our marriage.”
Bob and Stephanie - Married 5/9/09

“We are so grateful to you for the amazing role you have played in making our celebration one that will not soon be forgotten, as we’ve received an incredible amount of positive feedback concerning how beautiful the ceremony was and fitting it was to us. So many complimented us on our choice of an officiant and what a pleasant presence of Spirit was felt by all.”
Carol and Marlin - Married 5/23/09

“Theresa’s father and I want to thank you for performing such a warm and heartfelt ceremony for Theresa and Brian. It was as if you had known them for a long time-that’s how nice it was! Once again, it was a pleasure meeting you and sharing our lovely day!” – Jane, Mother of the Bride
Theresa and Brian - Married 5/23/09

“Thank you for the lovely wedding service you provided us on 1/31/09. All of our guests loved the ceremony and many thought we had written the vows ourselves. We could not have asked for a better officiant. We didn’t want a religious ceremony, but we also didn’t want it to seem like a “legal only” ceremony. The spiritual nature of the prose satisfied even the most religious members of my family.

Thank you so much for all of your help and work, and I hope couples continue to place their trust in you to provide them with a perfectly personalized ceremony for the most important day of their lives.”

David and Cecelia - Married 1/31/09

Shawn and Elisha Wedding

Shawn and Elisha Wedding

“Thank you so much for officiating our wedding ceremony! Shawn and I really appreciate your willingness to let us tailor the ceremony to our liking.

I got tons of comments from the guests on how they really like the uniqueness of our ceremony and vows–it truly was special!”

Shawn and Elisha Married 7/12/08

“Keith and I cannot thank you enough for all you did for us. We picked the best person to marry us!! We will definitely recommend you to any couple that is planning to get married. Everyone loved the ceremony and they thought that you did an excellent job. People kept asking us where we found you! The ceremony was beautiful–I could not have asked for anything more!”
Keith and April Married 7/5/08

“Terri and I cannot express in words the amount of gratitude we have for your part in our wedding. From day one you treated us like family and that is not common nowadays. Your sincerity and support was refreshing in an otherwise stressful time in planning a wedding. Picking you as our officiant was the easiest decision throughout the entire process. We will keep in touch!”
Bret and Terri Married 6/21/08

Misty and Brian

Misty and Brian

“Thank you so much for officiating our wedding. The ceremony was so beautiful and exactly what we wanted! We had so many comments on what a great job you did for us!! The laminated copy of our ceremony will make sure we never forget our ceremony and can relive it whenever we want!

We feel very blessed to have found you to perform our ceremony. Thank you for everything.”

Brian and Misty Married 10/20/07

“I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful service that you performed at our wedding!!! We had so many compliments on how pretty the ceremony was and what a nice job you did!!! Thank you for helping to make our wedding day so special!!!”

*Special Note from Reverend Theresa:

I have been honored to also officiate THREE Baby Blessing Ceremonies for Josh and Amanda’s children—Emma, Jaxson and Blake!

Josh and Amanda Married 8/31/07

“Thank you so very much for performing our wedding ceremony! Our wedding celebration went so well and that is all because of you. We appreciate your professionalism, positive attitude and tremendous spirit! Thank you again.”
Brett and Melissa Married 8/11/07

“Thank you so much for making our ceremony beautiful. We heard countless comments from friends and family about how wonderful you were. You were a pleasure to work with. We can’t thank you enough.”
Tony and Melissa Married 6/15/07

“Thank you so much for sharing our special night with us.

The ceremony was so beautiful and touching, and so much better than how I even imagined it. The night could not have been more perfect.

Thank you for everything. We’ll always remember you!”

Charles and Kellie Married 2/23/07

Charles and Kellie

Charles and Kellie

“Theresa was a wonderful officiant for our ceremony. We wanted a sweet and simple non-denominational wedding and Theresa gave us what we wanted and more. Her work on the vows, her advice, sense of humor, and warm, personal manner put us at ease and took away one source of stress in planning our wedding. We highly recommend her work to our friends. Thanks Theresa!”
Mark and Eileen Married 8/19/06