Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Deanna & Jason

Box Hill Mansion at Regents Glen

Photo by Frank King Photography

1. How do we obtain our marriage license?

The best place to start for information is at and click on “Pennsylvania.”  This is a source of general information as to the who/what/where of obtaining your marriage license in PA.  Please know that as part of your wedding package, I do provide you with an information sheet as to who processes and signs your license, the options as to where to obtain your license and how it is processed to be returned to the County of its origin.

2. What do you wear to our ceremony?

I usually wear a tasteful, cocktail (wedding attire) dress for the ceremony.  I have found this is the best option for your photographs.  If you would prefer a more “formal” or religious appearance, I can wear a minister’s robe and stole (the robe is white), but have moved away from this attire, as it does compete with the bride’s gown in photographs!

3. Are we obligated to invite you to the reception?

Although it is very much appreciated and an honor to be asked, I generally do not stay for the reception for several reasons.  First, I do not believe you should incur the additional expense for my meal; secondly, if I were your family pastor, it might be appropriate to do so, but since this is not the case, I don’t want to “burden” your guests with having to entertain me or to change and/or adapt their behavior because I am present!

4. Are we required to take classes or have pre-marital counseling?

Pre-marital counseling is not required. It is my core belief that you are mature adults that have made this important life decision with a great deal of thought and deliberation and understand the commitment and responsibility you are about to undertake in marriage.

5. Do you have a church and where were you ordained?

I have been ordained through Metaphysical Universal Ministries (interfaith/non-denominational ministry) based in Allentown, Pennsylvania and am ordained as a Minister of the Gospel.  I am also a member of the affiliated church—St. John’s Church of Faith in Allentown.  This is a regularly established church with services every Sunday morning, and I am not an internet-ordained officiant!

6. Why a Cancellation Fee?

Before I receive any funds from you for your wedding, I will already have done work on your behalf in the form of e-mails, administrative duties (Confirmation Letter, ceremony materials, template, etc.) Also your date and time are now “locked in” and I am committed to you and will turn down any other inquiries for your date and time.  If you choose to cancel my services, this is a loss to me, and I may not be able to rebook for your date and time.  The deposit provided to me is small compensation for the work already done on your behalf, as well as the loss of your booking.

7. How are your fees established?  Why travel expense?

The fees are based on several considerations.  First, is the amount of time, education, experience and effort that has gone into establishing this ministry.  Also my fees are in alignment with a range of what is usual and customary for officiants in Central Pennslvania.   Fees increase with the addition of services and level or interaction needed.

Travel expenses are customary in our profession, although some officiants build them into their core fee.  Some ministers will charge for travel time rather than mileage.  I choose the mileage option, because it is more economical for you!  For example, if your wedding venue is 30 miles from my home, the charge is $60.00 roundtrip.  If this charge were based on time, it might take me 50 minutes to travel 30 miles!  You can see why the mileage option is more beneficial for you!